Mail for hackers - Filters, Offline mode, soon Open Source

Organize & filter with JSON + regex

Label automatically, Archive when read

Full-Text search, Batch operations on search results

It's crazy fast! because it's running on localhost

I personally hate waiting for sluggish web-based email clients. That's why this mail client has

Offline mode with Synchronization

And when you need it, there is an integrated HTML email editor.

I could run synthetical test suites all day long, but instead i chose to use it for all of my email, both personal and professional. I've been using it since november, which was three months ago. That's why i consider this mail system


My workflow is to let the client pre-sort any messages so that when i'm reading email, i can just click on the Archive button and everything will be sorted away as needed. Additionally, the next mail will open. This makes it pretty comfortable and easy to get down to

Inbox Zero

Free binaries, Kickstarter -> Open Source

The hajomail binaries are free, as in free beer. I obviously can't afford to give all of my source code away for free, but for you to get maximum benefit out of it, it needs to be open source. That way you can tweak it your way or write tiny little helper bots that will automate your email.

Once you sign up for the mailing list, i'll send you the beta binaries for you to try out. Later, we'll try to get some funding through Kickstarter to polish things up, after which the whole project will be made Open Source on Github.

To receive the beta binaries, please subscribe to my Madmimi mailing list.

Subscribe for beta binaries

Oh and in case you're wondering... this whole page was written inside aforementioned HTML editor.

Your emails, too, could look like this.

Cheers, Hajo Nils Krabbenhöft

mail (at) hajo (dot) me